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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Monday, 26 October, 2020

Clinical Manager

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Clinical Responsibilities

 Follow MBI policies and procedures to ensure quality care
 Meet with consumers face-to-face to review and revise the annual assessment,
including the diagnosis, based on a review of the chart, input from the treatment team,
and an interview with the consumer.
 Develop, review and approve person-centered treatment plans every 180 days (or
sooner as needed) for every consumer 30 days prior to expiration, and other required
screenings/assessment tools (e.g., Locus/Calocus, GAINS, etc.)
 Provide and document therapy, crisis interventions, clinical coordination, team
meetings, and/or other direct and indirect clinical services.
 Monitor, track, follow up, and close the loop to prevent and/or respond to clinical and/or
customer concerns from all members of the treatment team (including the consumer),
and/or other stakeholders.
 Complete no less than 10 SIDA* hours weekly (*See, Intervene, Document, Approve)
 Team to ensure that all crises have follow up to improve clinical outcomes, including
incident reports, debriefings, follow-up services within 7 days of an Emergency
Department (ED) visit and/or hospitalization discharge.
 Attend all mandatory meetings and trainings.

Team Management

 Supervise minimally 10 full-time equivalent frontline workers, maximum 12 frontline
 Manage each frontline worker to ensure that he or she consistently meets SIDA targets
 Ensure that notes are timely (within 48 hours or sooner), approved daily, and that RedX
notes are resolved timely (within 48 hours) on a daily basis.
 Track and ensure that services are timely, continuous, with no disruptions, including a.)
annual DA’s and treatment plans every 180 days (or sooner as needed), b.) insurance
tracked, monitored for changes, and addressed proactively, service utilization tracked
and re-authorizations completed before expiration.
 Collaborate with Human Resources to recruit, interview, and select qualified CSW’s and
Care Coordinators.
 Collaborate with MBI Leadership to develop and implement workforce development
activities, including training and resources.
 All this must be accomplished and provided in compliance with the District of
Columbia’s Mental Health Standards and regulations of MBI Health Services, LLC. and
all Federal, State and local laws applicable to this agreement
 Performs all other related duties as assigned
 Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or related field
 Must be licensed in Washington DC as LPC, LICSW
 1-3 years supervisory experience
 Excellent oral and written communication skill
 Excellent problem-solving skills
 Excellent time management and organizational skills

4130 Hunt Place, NE
Washington, DC 20019
United States

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