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Safe Space Our Place (SSOP)

Safe Space Our Place (SSOP)

Safe Space Our Place, otherwise known as SSOP, is a wonderful program built for our LGBTQ community members to express their troubles and seek solutions to their daily encounters, whether positive or negative. SSOP has a number of therapeutic groups made for creating strong connections with others just like yourself who are undergoing internal conflicts, denials, fear, and any other type of physical and mental instability not related to being lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. If you are not sure if SSOP is the right fit for you, that’s okay! We have an orientation group just for you to learn more about MBI Health Services and its many programs. 

See what we have to offer!

Workin’ It – Preparing For Employment

We cover all kinds of work-related topics to help you gain a positive move on your career path and employment status. We will also have guest speakers to strengthen your business working relationships.

“DUKE” – DO U Know Everything?

HIV/AIDs crosses boundaries of sexual orientation, gender, age, and ethnicity. That is why it’s important for you to gain the correct wealth of information and knowledge that is necessary for your protection against negative impacts in your life. Some come and duke it out with us at Safe Space Our Place!

It Ends With Me – Recovery, Resilience, & Relapse Prevention

We tackle the issus of substance abuse and addiction to create a path to recovery. By doing so, we enable you to increase personal resilience and anticipate, as well as cope, with the potentiality of relapse.

Is THIS My Beautiful Life - Open Mic

This group is designed like a panel forum, which allows individuals to share their personal stories and experiences of loss and survival against life’s winding twists and turns. Together, the group will form formidable connections and bonds.

Lesbian Group & Gay Men’s Group

These two different sessions cater to lesbians and gay men who wish to discuss their mental illnesses and the fears that derive from today’s stereotypes. These are major support groups that provide a safe and separate space for your self-security.

Trans/Gender Explorers

For those who identify themselves as trans, gender non-conforming, or are simply questioning, we have a group discussion just dedicated for that. Topics include safety, coming out, navigating the mental health resources found within the D.C. metropolitan area, dating and relationship issues, self-acceptance, and aging.

Livin’ The Life – Wellness & Recovery Action Planning

We help individuals become mindful of their mental health and wellness by discussing on certain topics such as daily self-maintenance, and being proactive about mental health in order to avoid negative mental health episodes.

Too Much… - Eating, Drinking, Sex, You Know?

Individuals share strategies for managing excessive behaviors such as: addictions, obsessions, distractions, or any other behavioral difficulty that gets in the way of meeting personal goals.

The Quilt of Life – The Connection of Thoughts & Feelings

Within each one’s own mind, there is a thread that connects each thought, feeling, behavior, impulse, and emotion. It’s the backbone to us making the choices we choose to make. Join in on a conversation about these threads and begin to learn how to step out of the drama and into the role of being in control.

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