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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Friday, 15 January, 2021

SUD- Certified Addictions Counselor


● Maintains medical record documentation that includes CD assessments and related
● Attends and participates in staff reports.
● Interacts with patients in a purposeful and goal-directed manner. Interacts therapeutically
with patients and demonstrates an understanding of basic principles of human behavior.
● Verbalizes and demonstrates an awareness of the influences of behavior and personality of
self and other staff on a patient's progress.
● Presents lectures and leads groups as assigned.
● Conducts and documents family/outside agency meetings in a timely manner according to
medical records requirements
● Documents a summary of the patient's progress in achieving goals and objectives weekly
and at time of discharge.
● Enforces PIW expectations in a non-punitive manner.
● Keeps information related to the patient's identity, history, and course of treatment
● Observes patient’s behavior and promptly detects behavior that may result in injury to the
patient and others.
● Attends educational programs/classes directed towards meeting stated objectives for
professional growth.
● Demonstrates the ability to work with a variety of individuals regardless of racial, ethnic,
sexual orientation, or sociological backgrounds.
● Performs nursing interventions according to care plans, as delegated by the RN.
● Observes changes in patients’ behavior and health condition and reports to RN.
● Performs patient care procedures, such as vital signs, specimen collection, with technical
skill, accuracy, and in a supportive manner.

● Performs and ensures admission procedures are carried out efficiently and in a supportive
● Collects pertinent data for patient assessment.
● Teaches and reinforces the unit's philosophy and regulations to patients and
visitors.Implements the hospital and unit policies regarding safety and security.
● Conducts patient room checks according to unit policy, supervises patients in the cafeteria,
ensures appropriate procedures are followed in case of fire or fire drill, manages patient
behavior and supervises groups closely to prevent injury and loss of control of patient and/or
● Assists in organizing and implementing recreational activities for patients.
● Performs all necessary tasks to facilitate delivery of nursing care on the unit, as delegated by
the Nurse Manager or Charge Nurse.
● Escorts patients to scheduled activities off the unit in accordance with unit policy.
● Attends all company-required trainings
● All other duties as assigned


● High School Diploma required
● Some college preferred
● Certification through DC Licensure as Addiction Counselor (CAC), Level I/II required
● Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a job-related field
● Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
● Excellent time management skills
● Team player
● Familiar with DATAWITS software or other system for storing consumer data


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