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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Monday, 26 October, 2020

ACT Clinical Manager

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Directs the day-to- day operations of the team, including scheduling staff work hours to ensure appropriate

coverage for routine and on-call hours. Ensures there is face to face coverage for a 24/7 operation consistent
with ACT philosophy.

 Leads the daily ACT organizational and clinical meetings; continuously evaluates the status of ACT consumers and
does appropriate planning and coordination of treatment activities to ensure immediate attention to their
changing needs.

 Initiates and maintains relationships with law enforcement and other human services agencies, and with
community resources, such as landlords, employers, etc.

 Provides ACT interventions for consumers at least 50% of the time. Works with ACT team staff to help them
assist consumers to reach their goals. Assists ACT team staff in dealing with consumer situations.

 Assigns new consumers to ACT Team members and reviews their intake information with team members.
Ensures new consumers have an Individual Recovery Plan (IRP) and Individual Specific Service Plan (ISSP); ensures
that IRPs are updated every 90 days or as needed; assess the quality of the IRPs. Ensure that they deal with the
problems of the consumer and the progress notes are related to the goals.

 Ensures ACT team members document services consistent with ACT interventions outlined in Chapter 34 and that
services are medically necessary.

 The ACT Team Leader will also function as the Active Qualified Practitioner responsible for approving progress
notes, Individual Recovery Plans and Individual Specific Service Plans.

 Provides on-call duty for after hour staff access and for staff supervision and consultation. Help staff with crisis
situations. Ensure that the ACT Team has coverage during scheduled and unscheduled working hours.

 Conducts and documents quality assurance audit activities and the use of program services. Reviews the clinical
content of the records. Ensures that there is a recovery plan and goals; effective services have been delivered; re-
hospitalizations have been entered; discharge planning, if needed is completed.

 Reviews ACT Team member home pages weekly for due dates and ensure that all due dates are met. Ensure
assignment updates are completed in Anasazi.

 Ensures ACT team members are trained in entitlements and that reapplications are submitted before
termination. Ensures that Medicaid is applied for at enrollment. Trains ACT team members on the impact of
income on housing and employment. Oversees appeals of denial of benefits with SSI, SSDI, and VA.

 Responsible for clinical services for consumers in supported housing. Assesses service needs and arranges
service provision. Schedules coverage and ensures that billings cover the costs.

 Develops and implements for CSWs, with consumers, financial contracts for paying rent. Works with Accounting
and Housing to ensure consumers pay rent on time and to collect receivables promptly.

 Implements ACT team staff orientation and training. Assesses staff training needs and make recommendations
to Clinical Director and Quality Improvement Director for in-service training.
Supervision and Performance Management
Supervision Received:
 The ACT Clinical Manager is supervised by the Assistant Clinical Director. This person is required to have
regular and ongoing weekly supervision meetings. Manager is expected to take an active role in managing their
performance and development.
Supervision Given:
 The ACT Clinical Manager supervises a team of supervises a team of clinicians. This person is required to have
regular and ongoing individual weekly supervision meetings with staff in addition to group team meetings.
 Motivates staff to take responsibility for managing their performance and development.
 Provides accolades and constructive criticism to staff through annual performance evaluations submitted in a
timely manner.
Work Requirements and Conditions
 Exercises good and independent judgment in the performance of duties.
 Able to work flexible hours when necessary.
 Valid driver’s license in the state of residence.

 Submits motor vehicle record upon initial employment and every 3 years afterwards.
 Annual TB test (chest x-ray every 5 years if there is a history of + PPD or a medical reason why PPD cannot be
completed annually).
 Licensed in D.C. as a LICSW or licensed Psychologist.
 Experienced in providing and supervising ACT services.
 Excellent supervisory skills; 2 years’ supervisory experience.
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
 Intermediate computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite.
 Ability to work in a diverse environment.
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