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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Monday, 26 October, 2020

Associate Clinical Director (Site Director)


  • Follow and manage execution of MBI policies and procedures with the staff at their site
    to ensure quality care and will contribute annually to policy revisions.
  • Manage assigned intake and staff transitions to ensure that all consumers are assigned
    immediately at the time of intake and when there is staff turnover.
  • Ensure that consumers are receiving services that are tailored to their needs.
  • Oversee and ensure that staff at their site provide services timely, continuous, with no
    disruptions, including a.) annual DA’s and treatment plans every 180 days (or sooner as
    needed), b.) insurance tracked, monitored for changes, and addressed proactively,
    service utilization tracked and re-authorizations completed before expiration and are
    approved timely.
  • Train, manage and support Clinical and Program Managers to ensure that all staff,
    teams, programs, and his or her Site consistently meets weekly SIDA targets. 
  • Manage and provide oversight to ensure that notes are timely (within 48 hours) and
    approved daily, and that RedX notes are resolved timely (daily or within 48 hours)
  • Provide weekly supervision to clinical and non-clinical staff using credible data and
    other reports to ensure that clinical and fiscal expectations and outcomes are met
    consistently and to provide guidance and feedback on performance, including
    discussions around corrective actions or progressive discipline when warranted.
  • Model professionalism, positive engagement, constructive communication, including
    timely feedback, problem-solving, elevating concerns, following the chain of command,
    closing the loop.  
  • Provide direct supervision of staff members as well as conducting regular team
    meetings, case conferences, safety and quality meetings and other training
  • Develop, plan, and implement strategies for program/agency continuation and growth.
  • Coordinate with the QA/QI team to help ensure the smooth scheduling of QI
    Reviews/Audits of Consumer charts, and other related documents and work closely
    with the QA/QI department and the Clinical Director to improve practices based on
    consumer satisfaction survey feedback
  •  Lead the implementation of Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), based on QI Department
    and other program-related audits.

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